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Magnificent Vivid Color Oil Paintings by Jennet Norman

Jennet Norman was in 1987 in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. She studied from 1999 to 2003 at the Nurali Art School. After completing her school life, she worked in retail places. She did not have time to care for her career and she did not pursue in art her career.

Jennet Norman in 2011 experienced a sudden reawakening of an artistic stir. This stir happened after her trip in the Russian Federation to the Republic of Adygea. After her visit, she was struck by the region and its visual beauty that she was left with no choice, but to take up her painting seriously. She now wished to make it her career and also wanted to make a mark in the world.

Oil Painting Sunrise by Jennet Norman
Image Credit: Jennet Norman

Jennet Norman dedicated her to the painting career and is now in worldwide demand. She is doing customized paintings as per the basis of orders. Jenner is keen on her artistic passion and there is nothing to take a back step. She actively participates in most art exhibitions. Jenner in her work uses versatility by using various genres and styles of painting. She does this aiming to express her attitude to approach life. Jennet’s artistic endeavors are influenced heavily by romanticism and it is apparent in her artistic current endeavors.

Oil Painting Beach by Jennet Norman
Image Credit: Jennet Norman

Jennet Norman is a master and knows a lot about colors. She has an unchanging admiration for the natural color richness and that is obvious in her works. Jennet always conveys spontaneity sense and there is a wide spectrum of genres in her painting works. Jennet Norman strives to be an incurable romantic and reflects it with eternal aesthetics.

Oil Painting Humming Bird by Jennet Norman
Image Credit: Jennet Norman

Jennet is now staying in the United States since 2016. She resides in Western North Carolina. She strives to share her work with her audience and finds great joy in it. She loves painting and does not see painting as work, but it gives her joy and rest for her soul.

Jennet Norman is a professional artist and is now composing on varying themes. The portraits that she is painting are in a series paying tribute to the country and its traditional costumes. Jennet Normal uses a variety of styles and her way of bringing out her painting is distinct. It
shows the way of life she lives and views.

Oil Painting Butterfly by Jennet Norman
Image Credit: Jennet Norman

She has an unchanging admiration for the natural color and its richness that she brings to her work. She reflects the categories and comprehends in making the colors look adorable.

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Source: https://www.artpeoplegallery.com/jennet-norman-artist-from-turkmenistan/


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