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Specialized Stacking Macro Photography by Oliver Wright

Oliver is a Yorkshire based photography. He specializes in Macro, wildlife, and adventure photography. Photography was his hobby originally and it combined with his mountaineering passion. He used it for documenting his mountaineering experiences that he had abroad and in the UK. In 2010 in a climbing accident he became a catalyst and this passion transferred into
wildlife and macro photography.

Macro Photography Wasp by Oliver Wright
Photography Credit: Oliver Wright

The next four years he developed his own photography skills to such an extent that he chose it as his career. He quit his position as corporate project manager and took to photography. By that time his images started publishing in Grand Designs magazine and BBC Wildlife.

Oliver in February 2014 became a professional full-time photographer. He has started visiting different places Switzerland, Northern Swedden, Eucador, etc and is taking exciting jobs from Photographing. It includes the Sweden King in the Abisko wilderness to talking for Canon in 2019 on the main Canon’s stage in the Photography Show.

8 macro photography caterpillar by oliver wright
Photography Credit: Oliver Wright

Oliver has developed an individual photography style by using focus stacking and he specialized in stacking handheld photos and creating a set of images in a unique style. Oliver spends his time between Northern Sweden and Yorkshire and he is the senior guide for Lights Over Lapland. It offers him access to the great wilderness in Europe and he has many videos, images, and blogs from this region that one can see in his website.

6 macro photography spider by oliver wright
Photography Credit: Oliver Wright

Initially, for the first 6 months, he was trying ways to be commercially successful and developed business doing product photography. He did not give up wildlife photography and macro workshops. In 2014 November he came to know about a job opportunity in Northern Sweden, a company was specializing in Aurora photography Lights Over Lapland conducting it with all over the world guests. He used this opportunity and got into the team quickly.

He learnt that the aurora had lots more relating to photography to learn, pristine arctic landscapes, fantastic wealth of wildlife, and the ice formation macro views. He worked winter and autumn six seasons. When he was not working he took to the wilderness areas and mountains with his camera, and got unique photographic and personal experiences.

4 macro photography robberfly by oliver wright
Photography Credit: Oliver Wright

In winter working towards the Arctic Circle north was challenging and he endured different conditions with temperature trying his technical photography. He pushed himself to all limits and gave several international articles of his experiences with photographs in New York Times, The Times, The Independent, The Observer, and others.

7 macro photography queen wasp by oliver wright
Photography Credit: Oliver Wright

Oliver says he was highly inspired by macro photography that be bough the canon MP-E 65mm macro lens. He developed his own technique and tried delivering quality results with live subjects and natural photographs ensuring least environmental disturbance. He thus learnt that without flash he could preserve natural reflections. In this learning process he learnt about image in focus, stacking multiple images by moving the camera slightly and how to do
it with natural light. He created signature images such that there were clouds and trees reflecting in the eyes.

5 macro photography beetle by oliver wright
Photography Credit: Oliver Wright
9 macro photography nine by oliver wright
Photography Credit: Oliver Wright

He developed these skills and transferred them to tricky environments. His wild photography has received in the British Wildlife Photography Awards continuously from 2013 to 2018. In 2019, he joined BBC Countryfile for the show in August for calendar competition.

Know More About Oliver Wright: Website

Source: https://instagram.com/ocwright


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