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Realistic Pencil Drawing by Kozhue Oshima

Pencil Drawing: Kozue Oshima, born in 1978 in Kanagawa, Japan and graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2002. A popular artist is Kozue Oshima. She starts drawing only when she has a complete story and the composition ready. She loves to blend her imagination and colors, creating beautiful ink drawings. She uses her ink pens to bring out the best of her creations and they are interesting to see.

Pencil Drawing Deer by Kozue Oshima
Image Credit: Kozue Oshima

She gives pretty color to a butterfly wings and it appears impressive. She gives one part of the wings a color and it is transparent. You can see clouds rain bearing and in it you can see peacock with feather colors. She brings out the beauty through ink drawings and you will be dazzled to see the way she uses the colors.

Oshima focuses on the nature expanding and wide universe. it shows how since ancient times, the stories create a connection. The paintings of Oshima depict the map of connections relating the artist, herself and the nature, that it appears floating. She depicts the landscapes consisting of links and show the different times and natural shapes.

Pencil Drawing Alpaca by Kozue Oshima
Image Credit: Kozue Oshima

Oshima earned from Tokyo Zokei Univeristy her BA in Design and began her artist career in 2004. She did solo exhibitions in 2005 and 2007 at Gallery ES and participated in Kisho Kurokawa at The National Art Center, in 2007 in Tokyo, from the Age of Machine to Age of Life, in 2008 at Mizuma Action for Eyes and Curiosity. A long-awaited solo exhibition is a pictorial book. She is popular for her spectacular work paint using fine brush and acrylic on
gesso and it is in evolution.

Pencil Drawing Fox by Kozue Oshima
Image Credit: Kozue Oshima

Oshima motifs depicts nature such as flower, timber, bird, insect, and ocean. Sometimes there is scenery imagination mixed with train, circus and flag. This artist is inspired by childhood memories, landscape she saw in a trip, her daily life skies and the various pictorial books, she keeps hugging to the micro-forest in life. She grows plants and keeps the larva of butterfly, allows the pupas emerge and observe their biology, does sketches repeatedly. Her work is her
obsession and the motifs pursuance presents a mix of her imagination and it tells stories.

Pencil Drawing Sheep by Kozue Oshima
Image Credit: Kozue Oshima

Oshima’s first solo exhibition was entitled as pictorial book at Mizuma Action and it had seven to eight paintings revealing her imagination. The paintings were small and large. Oshima lives in an urban area and she images on the books the different color and shape that comes to her mind and beautifully connects them all together as it appears on the landscape.

Pencil Drawing Dolphin by Kozue Oshima
Image Credit: Kozue Oshima

Pictorial books thrill the artist. They stir longing for natural phenomenon, various creatures, and imaginary vehicle. There is nothing as right or wrong in her artworks. She freely roams around a mysterious world and wanders around an imaginary world to bring it down in her pictorial books. Oshima painted scenery evoking the living creatures and the blood vessels depicting the key motifs back to the story of the fossils, crystals, and butterfly wings.

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