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Creative and Realistic 3D Model Character Designs by Dongyoung-Hwang

Realistic 3D Model: Dongyoung Hwang is a 3D character artist. He is studying Industrial Design and is adding knowledge and skills to his workflow. His overall ambition is creating his movies in the future. Dongyoung Hwang is a self-taught South Korean 3D character artist. He is a student at Burg Giebichenstein Univeristy in Halle, Germany.

Dongyoung Hwang is a 26-year-old 3d character artist from South Korea. He is right now a student who is completing in Germany Industrial Designing. He took to studying 3D in his free time. Thus, he learnt about various techniques and ideals, that he learned about many more things by studying 3D. He says he is honored and grateful to get this opportunity to show his good works to more people and to meet their expectation.

3d Model Woman by Dong Young Hwang
Image Credit: Dongyoung Hwang

Dongyoung said he acquired this inspiration of 3D character by watching animations and movies, their actors and characters. His inspiration is from the actors on the screen. He says every story begins with a character. Thus, it has become a habit for him to collect details about the characters and the actors to make some notes. Thus, he created JoJo Rabbit fan art.

3d Model Woman by Dong Young Hwang
Image Credit: Dongyoung Hwang

Dongyoung says he has begun working on his artworks. He has images that are adaptations and he is now creating new images transforming the original works. He wishes to create new works by presenting a story. He is keen in real-time game engines and rendering, and wishes to try on them later. In particular, the V-Ray webinars has the potential for real-time rendering is his belief.

He uses ZBrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Mari, Xgen, Photoshop, and sometimes Nuke. For lighting he mainly uses V-Ray, and sometimes Arnold. He says it is a constant learning curve. There is nothing called the completion of a course. He collects a lot of backup before work and when there is lots of backup, he will be opening his site so that he will have a good portfolio to

Dongyoung has various Facebook groups CGSociety and ZBrush Central. He says, he checks the hashtags such as Character and Concept Art. His aim is to develop and release a 3D movie all by himself. He is keen in learning 3D as he wants to make a movie. Dongyoung has many artists in mind that he loves and says right from childhood his favorite is director Hosoda Mamoru. He loves his movies as they are very beautiful and the movies characters are unforgettable. He says he would imagine the characters while watching movies and imagine the reactions of people and this developed an interest in 3D and CGI.

3d Model Woman by Dong Young Hwang
Image Credit: Dongyoung Hwang

Dongyoung reinterprets characters as per their original animation. He says it is very crucial to manage time so that he works with the University design project his personal 3D work. He says a strong character, the starting and the movie end is inspiring and it lingers in his head. He begins with video viewing, rotates the video to notice the subject he is exploring. He acquires a lot of information from the video, such as the general nuances, the mood, and the movement, including the facial expression.

He says he spends a lot of time in correcting the eyes. He paints while a render test and uses V-Ray as the renderer as he finds it interactive. He says he will work on comic book characters by recreating their faces. He also wishes to make his own original characters and he will do after he sharpens his 3D skills.

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Source: https://dongyoung-hwang.cgsociety.org/


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