f eye macro vasudha
Macro Photography by Vasudha. She is Indian Macro Photographer From Tenali, Andhra Pradesh. The human iris isn't just delightful, yet it additionally looks powerful. Producing magical macro photos of eyes is not a easy nut to crack. Using macro photography Vasudha has captured Extreme close up shots of human eye, ...
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feature macro photo
Macro Photography: Alexey Kijatov is a Moscow-based photographer. His works show his exclusiveness that his work was featured in the American Forests Winter 2015 in the name ‘Last Look.’ His columns are web-exclusive and his macro images of the snowflakes are testaments to nature and its minute complexity. Alexey Kijatov ...
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featured wildlife yaron
Wildlife Photography: Yaron Schmid is a Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist, Veterinarian, Safari leader, and Award Winner. As a veterinarian, he had a special look that he could see the souls of the animals through his eyes. He could anticipate animal behavior and read their action. This made him an expert in ...
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t food photography
Irina Meliukh is a food photographer who presents a warm rustic style. She is a self-taught photographer using authentic old props, natural light and seasonal organic goods. She studied different, but is now working for food magazines and producers as a stylist, food photographers, and recipe developer. Irina Meliukh completed ...
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f nature photography jaclyntanemura
Nature Photography: Jaclyn, a British Columbia resident, found inspirations in her surroundings. She was eager to experience and explore the world. She was immersed in nature and had the penchant for stories that are to be unlocked. She is a Canadian-based photographer. From her young age she had respect for ...
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featured landscape photography
Landscape Photography: Carsten Bachmeyer lives in Athens and Berlin. He is a landscape photographer and loves shooting people in the location or studio. He keeps updating his photography passion with people all over the world. He also was in Dubai, Santorini, Athens, Meteora, and spend a few months in Veneica, ...
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