f sea wave photography
Phil De Glanville is an Australian artist creating fantastic composites and photos that each work of his is a fine work. There is unique style incorporation and interaction between dark, light, and ocean blues. He has secured the DronePals Awards 2021 as artist of the year. In Feb 2019 three ...
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f animal photography michele
Animal Portrait Photography by Michele Bavassano is a professional photographer working as a nature photographer. He travels to naturalistic destinations. The photographic projects and images represent his photographic genre that has only free animals in their natural habitat. Michele has been photographing wild animals; he looks for the animal’s expressiveness ...
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f fantasy photography
Fantasy photography is popular and a sub-genre of surreal photography. The images incorporate a fictional feel and the real world is with imaginary scenarios. Fantasy photography is a photography style with fictional scenes. The concept can be from some book or to create something new. Fantasy images add enough idea ...
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f landscape photography dylan marianne
Landscape Photography: Dylan was born in Penang, Malaysia. As a young child he moved to Australia. He loved going outdoors and being active. It was evident in his endeavors of photography. Dylan is ready for a physical challenge; he waded through icy streams, climbed Munros, and hike inaccessible location on ...
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f travel photography jordhammond
Travel Photography: Jord Hammond is a freelance contemporary travel photographer. He is 25-years old. He is from the sunny town of Dover that is to the South-East coast of England. He started taking photos while he was working in China in 2015 as a teacher to show his friends and ...
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f macro photography oliver
Oliver is a Yorkshire based photography. He specializes in Macro, wildlife, and adventure photography. Photography was his hobby originally and it combined with his mountaineering passion. He used it for documenting his mountaineering experiences that he had abroad and in the UK. In 2010 in a climbing accident he became ...
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