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New Perspectives Photo Manipulation Of Queens Gambit by Charis Tsevis

Photo Manipulation: Charis Tsevis was born in 1967 in Athens. He studied visual design and advertising in Athens, Greece, and Milan, Italy, and is now living in Paphos. He is popular for his digital mosaics work, neo-futuristic compositions, and high complexity illustrations.

Photo Manipulation Queens Gambit by Chris Tsevis
Image Credit: Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis has been working in the advertising and communication field for decades, while he was researching and teaching visual communication. Charis Tsevis digital mosaics gained international recognition and his personal style lead to imitators worldwide.

He has a Diploma from the Akademie fur das Grafische Gewerbe, Munchen in Graphic Design and a Master from the Scoula Politecnica di Design, Milano in Visual Design. His client list entails businesses from various continents (Toyota, IKEA, and Nike), advertising companies, Publicis New York, Saatchi & Saatche Los Angeles, and Leo Burnett Hong Kong, and media enterprises (CNN, TIME, and The Wall Street Journal).

2 portrait photo naipulation queens gambit by charis tsevis e1619965987778
Image Credit: Charis Tsevis

Born in 1967, earned a degree in 1986, in Graphic Design, in 1990 did Graphics and Advertising Design, 1992 Masterin in Visual Design, and in 1996 Guest Professor in Editorial Design, presently working in Athens, Greece. His interest has an impact as a portrait artist.

The awards of Charis Tsevis includes 2009 National Press Photographs Association Award, 2014 200 Best Illustrators Lurezer’s Worldwide Archive Magazine Award, and 2015 CASE-Council for Advancement and Support of Education Award, USA Premio Colunistas Awards, Brazil.

3 photo manipulation queens gambit by charis tsevis e1619966034919
Image Credit: Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis manages a modest studio on the Cyprus island serving clients globally. He presented seminars at the Panteion University, Athens and gave many lectures in national and international conferences and symposiums such, including the TEDx Athens, the World Design Day, the Adobe D-Day, and lots more. Charis keeps writing articles about aesthetics, design theory, and computing history in highly respected IT magazines. He also wrote 2 books on Adobe Photoshop.


Charis’ work receives award in ED Awards (Europe), NPSA (USA), EBGE (Greece), Behance (USA), Epica Awards (Europe), and others. He is named in a row for 4 times as one of the 200 World’s Best Illustrators by Lürzer’s Archive. The work of Charis has been featured in many magazines, books, and websites around the world. His art work has been presented in exhibitions in Barcelona, Athens, San Jose and other cities. Since 2016 Lumas is selling his arts and you can also buy a few from Charis e-shop.

5 photo manipulation queens gambit by charis tsevis e1619966131660
Image Credit: Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis presents the megacities of the world, from New York to London to Moscow through his photographic mosaics. His pieces offer a refreshing new perspective on the classic cultural monuments and famous landmarks that his ubiquity in the media has shaped the preconceptions of the cities. The artist arranges hundreds of individual moments as fragments into one complete picture, thereby capturing the essence of iconic monuments.

6 photo manipulation queens gambit by charis tsevis e1619966177289
Image Credit: Charis Tsevis

Tsevis presents in a singular distillation of space and time different seasons and times of day, the same as a cinematic time lapse. His detailed pictures grab the attention of viewers, contrasting moods charged with atmospheric intensity.

The Greek artist has made the digital collage his unmistakable signature aesthetic. His exciting, extraordinary, artistic approach brings an unimagined dynamic into photography.

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Source: https://www.behance.net/tsevis


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