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“Go Green” Nature Photography by Jaclyntanemura

Nature Photography: Jaclyn, a British Columbia resident, found inspirations in her surroundings. She was eager to experience and explore the world. She was immersed in nature and had the penchant for stories that are to be unlocked. She is a Canadian-based photographer. From her young age she had respect for nature. Her family history includes Columbia Mountains and Rockies that she developed curiosity of the area. In her mid-twenties she explored the Canadian backcountry. Thus, she discovered that power and raw energy is in the mountains and turned into nature photography.

Nature Photography lake by Jacklyntanemura
Photography Credit: Jaclyntanemura

The passion for photography for Jaclyn was a lifelong affair. She aimed to encourage her audience to know about the ruminative things and to stay conscious about the impact on the world. She creates imagery to share awe for outdoors and her deep respect hoping it will inspire more people and they can reconnect with nature.

Her full name is Jaclyntanemura, she was born and raised in British Columbia. Her drawing inspiration has raised her to become a nature photographer. She is conscious about the natural world and the choices. She loves living in the Shuswap that is midway between Calgary and Vancouver as it is full of stunning landscapes. The Shushwap is full of waterfalls and forested
hiking to explore and also a place to play, besides being a chill place.

Nature Photography Magic Shuswap by Jacklyntanemura
Photography Credit: Jaclyntanemura

Being in nature for Jaclyn, offers a therapeutic feel. She finds the stress of everyday just melts away. She says one can properly breathe, become grounded and centered in the natural surroundings. Jaclyn says it was her dad who showed her the path to photography as she was young. She asks others also to not be oversensitive and to look for critiques for differing opinions. She says one must listen to different points of view, but should also stay true at work.

Nature Photography Mountain by Jacklyntanemura
Photography Credit: Jaclyntanemura

Jaclyn Tanemura’s favorite place in British Columbia is Mount Robson Provincial Park. It is a place she loves to visit and is in awe each time. She uses Canon 5D Mark IV and currently Canon 1dx. She uses different lenses. She wishes to go to New Zealand and has the desire to photograph for more than 20 years. She likes the FJORD 36.

Nature Photography Sunset by Jacklyntanemura
Photography Credit: Jaclyntanemura

Jaclyn says the images in the landscape photography have a sharp focus, from front to back or even from edge to edge. She says to take a picture you must not be afraid to get low, touching the ground. It may be something really small. She insists using shallow FOF in landscape photographs and the fast shutter so that even in low-light situations, this technique is useful in dark conditions. Even if the trail is not clear and a messy foreground, simplifying the scene by
blurring it helps. Thus, the viewer’s eye is not drawn to it.

Nature Photography Lakes by Jacklyntanemura
Photography Credit: Jaclyntanemura

Jaclyn is self-explanatory about shallow depth. She uses a wide aperture to give immediate sense of depth. She turns into bokeh so that small bugs also seem larger. She says sometimes leaving something to imagination is good. It is not easy, but it will open up to something new, was her belief.

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