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Beautiful Macro Photography works by Georgi Georgiev

Macro Photography: Georgi Georgiev, a Bulgarian photographer offers a combination of his love for photography and his studying background ecology. He puts both together and captures attractive images of nature. His photography is a result of spending few hours in nature. He is so passionate that he takes a long time to get into position and he also crawls following his subject. This is the tenacity that comes as the final product, such that the insects appear as kings of the environment.

Macro Photography Butterfly by Georgi Georgiev
Photography Credit: Georgi Georgiev

Georgiev has no difficulty in getting into the nature even to find the smallest insect appearing in the fairy tales. He finds inspiration everywhere, from the smallest creatures to their interesting colors, shapes, and behaviors to habitats. He says, peace, silence, virgin beauty, and innocence is in nature and these factors help in opening up imagination.

The macro photos of Georgiev’s mirror his imagination and reflect his fantasies and feelings. He pays very close attention to light and makes use of the natural light only if he wants to shoot at sunset or sunrise. He brings out emotions with each photograph, if it is a butterfly on a flower in the rain or two snails looking like they wish to kiss. His photographs bring out a different narrative about the forest life.

Macro Photography Snail by Georgi Georgiev
Photography Credit: Georgi Georgiev

Georgi Georgiev uses his passion to inspire his macro photography. He is a traveler and a passion photographer. He loves travel photography and is highly passionate about macro photography. He says he started with photography and slowly it became his life.

Georgi Gerogiev graduated in Sofia University in Ecology and his degree helped him to unlock his passion for photography towards small creatures. As a student he took photos for his education of invertebrates, their behavior and habitats. He got inspired by the shapes, colors and the pure beauty of insects and the environment. He was captivated by the purity of nature that he fell for it. It is the reason all his photos are in natural light in natural environment. The element and the bokeh are most important as it makes the photo atmosphere live.

Macro Photography Bug by Georgi Georgiev
Photography Credit: Georgi Georgiev

Georgi Gerogiev reveals the macro world that he visualizes. The creativity is a part of his imagination. There are more photos of environment and animals. They are important and he also has his choice of places as favorite for photographing. He says Strandzha Mountain in one of them. It has unique fauna and flora with endemic and rare species. The mountain is adjacent to the Black Sea. He is fortunate to have a house in a village nearby that he spends most of his time taking photos in nature. He loves the extensive meadows on one side and the old oak forests on the other side of his village.

Macro Photography Bug by Georgi Georgiev
Photography Credit: Georgi Georgiev

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