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Hyper Realistic Flower Painting by Italian Artist Gioacchino Passini

Realistic Flower Painting: Gioacchino Passini was born on 11th march 1956 in Fanano (Modena). He works and lives in the Bologna province, Italy in Crespellano. He was 17 when he held is exhibition one-man in his hometown. He continued to show his works in solo and in group exhibitions. He did this in parallel with his musical studies at the Bologna conservatory.

He takes a simple blank canvas and makes it into a garden that is larger than life. The dewdrop covered roses and its petal appear supple and soft. The effect is heightened by the brilliant coloring of the flowers. The large-scale paintings of Passini give an in-depth to the audiences to know the beauty of nature. It also shows the pain and dedication that an artist gives towards
revealing the minute details in his paints.

Hyper Realistic Oil Painting Yellow Flower by Gioacchino Passini
Image Credit: Gioacchino Passini

Passini’s each painting is impressive and provides a realistic depth. It seems they are beads of water and may be unwanted addition. However, they enhance the look of the flower offering a remarkable hyperrealism touch. Passini incorporates shadow and light in each of his water droplet and this makes the viewers wonder if there is sun nearby shining. The feeling is as
though you reach for the rose and pluck it from the painting.

Hyper Realistic Oil Painting Rose Flower by Gioacchino Passini
Image Credit: Gioacchino Passini

Born in Fanano in Modena, Italy, Passini, is a gifted painter. Now he is based in Crespellaneo in Bologna, Italy. He loved roses right from his childhood and he used the same to bringout his painting talent. He created them so realistically that at the age of 17 he was confident to have a one-man exhibition. He is an artist who loves roses. He is passionate about this flower and loves portraying its varied shapes, forms, and colors. He believes in painting this love and romance blossoms in their real size and makes the paintings in large-scale on the canvas.

Hyper Realistic Oil Painting Rose by Gioacchino Passini
Image Credit: Gioacchino Passini

Passini’s strength is in painting roses and it looks so real that anyone can smell its fragrance through the enchanting painting. These rose blossoms receive Passini’s expertise that they add realism to how they are found in nature. He uses for his paintings some oil. His dew-covered roses are larger-than-life appearing soft and brilliant. Their colored petals reveal his mastery on this subject. He has an eye for every detail and he plays with dewdrops look that it appears so real that one can wipe it using their finger. The roses rendering depicts credible details.

Hyper Realistic Oil Painting White Rose by Gioacchino Passini
Image Credit: Gioacchino Passini

Passini is an accomplished artist who did many solo exhibitions. He is a proficient violin player who can go with his musical studies and pursue his passion towards his works of painting. He specializes in realism art and his techniques in color manipulation and technical details are of high level.

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