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Grandeur Landscape Photography by Dylan and Marianne

Landscape Photography: Dylan was born in Penang, Malaysia. As a young child he moved to Australia. He loved going outdoors and being active. It was evident in his endeavors of photography. Dylan is ready for a physical challenge; he waded through icy streams, climbed Munros, and hike inaccessible location on foot to capture unique imagery. His sweeping vistas present the grandeur of natural landscape and viewers are sure to get wonder stuck in the beauty existing in the world. The trademark lighting Dylan’s images comes from the dawn hues.

1 lanscape photography marinner s temple by dylan and marianne e1622711317388
Photography Credit: Dylan And Marianne

Marianne also moved as a child to Australia and love creating things. She is influenced with scrapbook paper or pastels and has dabbled from time to time in art exhibitions. Marianne became interested primarily in photography to take better artwork images, and now started developing a separate artistic interest. She likes the finer details of the landscape and also capturing bigger picture.

Landscape Photography Mountain by Dylan and Marianne
Photography Credit: Dylan And Marianne

Dylan initially was just playing to be a photographer, but considered him to be a photographer after 2008. He showed Marianne to use the shutter speed functions and aperture. He says there is a balance in work with the landscape work and the commercial side, between the weddings.

2 lanscape photography the cathedral by dylan and marianne e1622711492618
Photography Credit: Dylan And Marianne

Dylan enjoyed to capture the wedding photographs and to get intimate view of a couple’s special day. The impact is different and the emotion displayed with each wedding is different. Marianne prefers the landscape work as it is less stressful and there is more for solitude. The weddings nature is to capture one special day and to work with people, adding lot of pressure for a photographer. There is a need to know about the equipment and needs on to be ready with contingency plans. The landscape photography is a hobby and does not matter if a shot is missed, there are no problems.

5 lanscape photography rye dragon by dylan and marianne e1622711522640
Photography Credit: Dylan And Marianne

Dylan and Marianne work as a team. Dylan says having a spouse with the same interest allows staying together at a time in different locations. He says during wedding having your trusted partner is a bonus to take the same scenes at different angles. Marianne loves researching, administrative work, developing websites, and coming with ideas to move ahead.

6 lanscape photography north island new zealand by dylan and marianne e1622711623823
Photography Credit: Dylan And Marianne

Dylan and Marianne know the wedding shots to take and the technical aspects of giving the scenes and the lighting proper angle. Moreover, Marianne says now the wedding photos does not cause stress as she has someone to cover for her, she is certain that things that she missed, Dylan must have captured. Now they take their baby carrier strapped to their chests.

7 lanscape photography isthmus peak wanaka by dylan and marianne e1622711692347
Photography Credit: Dylan And Marianne

Marianne confirms they will explore more of Australia and add a lot of scenery to their Australian portfolio. Marianne likes social media as she can know about other good photographers and their works. Dylan and Marianne love traveling and love independent photography. They say there are endless places to be photographed for amazing photographs.

9 lanscape photography emerging bondleigh by dylan and marianne e1622711760305
Photography Credit: Dylan And Marianne

They want to discover new locations and take better images. In the process they also aim to learning something new. There is more in the world to see says Dylan and they wish to capture a lot of photographs.

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