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What Is Fantasy Photography And How Is It Different?

Fantasy photography is popular and a sub-genre of surreal photography. The images incorporate a fictional feel and the real world is with imaginary scenarios. Fantasy photography is a photography style with fictional scenes. The concept can be from some book or to create something new. Fantasy images add enough idea to the scene representing a fictional world. It creates a believable scene and the colors emphasize concepts.

How to do fantasy photography?

Fantasy photography relies on manipulation or photographic editing. Some show the scenes just a positioning a dream-like state. If you know Photoshop well only you can try the photo manipulation as post-production. Read a lot for inspiration to do fantasy films. Understand the settings to access and see how to make it interesting. The concept should be all encompassing, if not vast, but there should be an idea.

How to get Fantasy photography?

Fantasy photography requires no earlier knowledge. There is a need to know how to command the camera. The images are a result of concepts and ideas, not mere exposures. There is a need in this field of fantasy photography to highlight imagination and creativity. The images work as a state of mind or voice. The camera captures elements to use it later.

The images captured in this field are done during post-production. Mostly photographers spend very less time on time shooting settings and subjects. The digital and computer software are the place that the image sits. It is hard to enter, but on knowing the way to manipulate images involves a lot of training and knowledge. However, a simple concept also can be show with
slight changes, even an everyday scene.

Some fantasy photographers give a new meaning even for the regular scenes. A Photoshop and a digital camera allow creating something impressive even without the need for dodging and burning a lot. The crucial idea is to concentrate on the concept, what you wish to say. If you know it, you can start on it.

How is fantasy photography different?

Many fantasy or surreal images are born from dream-like states. They show feelings or moods that an artist or photographer feels. Photography is a medium requiring a voice or command. The realistic setting of the image gives us words and feel. It is the fantasy element bringing out the expression. There is a need to set the soul free of anxiety. Images will have several meanings and fantasy photography creates new worlds allowing encompassing many ideas.

Fantasy photography opens to an array of technical processes or even through subjects. The images get processed and allow creating a new world. The landscape and the subject are real, but a fantasy element addition means including something that is not practical in life, such as a girl touching a sky. Every detail adds to a fantasy idea and it adds a deeper meaning.

Some best fantasy photographs are the simplest. It is done using realistic environment such as man reads a newspaper and his hands hold his head from out. It is a way of saying the news is in negative sense and the hands jump out to let the man hold his head in comfort and to realize the world is not totally bad. The meaning and idea of the scene is deep adding the fantastical element of hand coming out to hold his head.

Fantasy Photography Goddess by Jovano Rikalo
Photography Credit: Jovano Rikalo

Fantasy Photography Goddess by Jovano Rikalo
Photography Credit: Jovano Rikalo

Fantasy Photography Goddess by Jovano Rikalo
Photography Credit: Jovano Rikalo

Fantasy Photography Black Dress by Natalie Inn
Photography Credit: Natalie Ina

Fantasy Photography Mango by Alonso Murilo
Photography Credit: Alonso Murilo

Fantasy Photography Lantern by Joanna Claire Sellick
Photography Credit: Joanna Claire Sellick


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