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Eye Candy Travel Photography by Jord Hammond

Travel Photography: Jord Hammond is a freelance contemporary travel photographer. He is 25-years old. He is from the sunny town of Dover that is to the South-East coast of England. He started taking photos while he was working in China in 2015 as a teacher to show his friends and family. His work schedule in China offered the flexibility to regularly travel and so he got a nice opportunity to practice photography.

Travel Photography Ox by Jord Hammond
Photography Credit: Jordhammond

He pursued his hobby and also made it to see all the beautiful parts of china. He was smart to save enough money in China that he took six months off and traveled all of Asia. It was then he realized that taking photographs was his passion and it was now his choice to take it as a serious career. He started working in small companies to build his portfolio by offering them free photo
shoots. As he started getting a firm foot, he started giving paid photography services, after his Instagram and his portfolio were big enough. Thus, he visited more than 41 countries and revisited some countries in the few years. He is planning to go to more places.

4 travel photography by jordhammond
Photography Credit: Jordhammond

As a travel photographer, all his shots are eye candy and does not imitate or replicate others. He is a storyteller using his photographs. He is from the UK. He worked in South-West China as a teacher for a year, and developed the passion for photography. This passion led him to the earth corners, from the Peru Mountains to the Varanasi Rivers in India. Of course, he covered
everything in between.

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Photography Credit: Jordhammond

Jord Hammond studied advertising and marketing at university and picked photography after graduation. He does not have any formal education in photography. It is his passion for photography and he had an eye that he definitely shaped himself. He earns through marketing campaigns in different countries, sells his prints, does photo shoots, and writes blog posts and
articles for publications and magazines. All that he earns he spends on travel.


3 travel photography by jordhammond 1
Photography Credit: Jordhammond

Jord uses light and color and brings a new perspective to his travel photography world. He landed in different job and also worded with biggest travel brands. Jord documents places and people that he encounters on travel and takes to the most remote regions in the world. He has an engaged community on the social media and he is encouraging people to get out of their homes to explore the world more and to find the beauty of it to enjoy.

6 travel photography by jordhammond
Photography Credit: Jordhammond

Jord Hammond sells his prints and also takes prints order online through ‘PRINTS’. His camera bag is a big whole world as it has a list of travel photography gear. He sues Adobe Lightroom and edits the photos. He includes Adobe Photoshop to tidy up the image, while his presets are his
own, that are his mobile and desktop versions.

5 travel photography by jordhammond
Photography Credit: Jordhammond

Jord Hammond is an active person and he also hosts workshop. He held one in Peru this summer and another one is expected later this year in Jordan. He will announce the dates as an update on his website. Passionate people and his followers can stay tuned!

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Source: https://instagram.com/jordhammond


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