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Exceptionally Brilliant Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Fabiano Millani

Fabiano Millani Cassarotti was born on 27 June, 1981 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He began his career early in 1997 and took to artistic drawing course with Edegar Cavalheiro. At the same time he initiated his career in visual arts and taught a drawing course in the Santo Angelo city.

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Image Credit: Fabiano Millani

Fabiano Millani is prominent for his technical skills and he achieves using oil on canvas when it comes to Hyperrealism. In 1998, he began his career in visual arts and started teaching the course. His experience drove him to be persistent looking for realism.

His teaching is exceptional as students get to see live painting with explanation by Millani. Each student performs individual painting. Millani monitors it and gives positive or negative points, thereby develops complex observation skills featuring hyper-realistic representations.

He also shows the easiest and quickest ways of achieving hyper-realism in one paint coat. It is an odd technique that is developed by Fabiano Millani. He won in 2003 the 3rd place in a state contest with the work ‘O Executivo, and broadened his horizons.

2 hyper realistic painting by fabiano millani e1619961652421
Image Credit: Fabiano Millani

In 2004, he won the 2nd place with the painting “Cartas vermelhas” in the contest “80 anos da Coluna Prestes“. In his artistic visual works, as a characteristic evolution, he won in 2006 the 1st place in the painting contest in Brazil. With this, he built his studio to work on visual arts and turned into a drawing and painting teacher.

Some recent achievements of Millani in the 1st place is on Realistic Drawings in the Dessiner WordPress National Contest with the work “Carona ao realismo”, and it includes a recognition of an academic and cultural identity when both his paintings were published in the book Bienal Cristal de Talentos. It was promoted in 2010 by the International Book Biennial of São Paulo.

3 hyper realistic painting by fabiano millani e1619961724610
Image Credit: Fabiano Millani

In 2011, Millani won the 1st place on Realistic Drawings in the Dessiner WordPress National Contest with the work named “Resiliência“, and has his work “Rosa Amarela” was portrayed in ACRILEX Annual Calendar.

Millani is a gifted Brazilian born with art. A year after his course in artistic drawings he started his career and also began teaching in visual arts. He is an outstanding artist honing his artistic skills. His works have been winning places and he adds to his skills by enrolling in contemporary painting with Tadeu Martins, the visual artist. He proves his mettle for painting by securing
second place in the contest ’80 anos da Coluna Prestes’.

4 hyper realistic painting by fabiano millani e1619962061535
Image Credit: Fabiano Millani

Millani widened his arts and it was apparent with the creativity running in his veins. In his search for realism, and with the everyday experiences, he took to the earnest and painted canvasses. He is a born artist devoting his full time in visual artworks. He teaches drawing and has earned popularity in the country. It does not come shocking when he was invited to paint a monument
of nine-meter ‘Cristo na Cruz’.

Millani won in several painting contests the top spots. His artistic visual works and realistic drawings were exceptional and he won the contests.

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