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Beautiful and Colorful Doodle Mandala Art by Lady Meli

Doodle Art: Lady Meli Art is an artist presenting great imagination. The artist taking by her name creates beauty featuring geometric shapes. She has a knack for creating beautifully colored drawings with geometric shapes. Lady Meli is from Indonesia, a well-taught artist and she reveals her Mandalas showing changes from the day she started. The new generation of artists are revealing the concepts of Mandalas and are experimenting with new ways and unique mediums of portraying the conventions. There is a lot to create, explore and let the imagination run wild.

The biggest beauty is that Lady Meli is a self-taught artist. She brings intricate geometric shapes and colorful designs in different styles. She has the knack for making waves with her doodle eye-popping dexterity mandalas. Her drawing works include Mandalas, Doodles, and Zentangles. Each of her drawings can be seen through her links and you get to see more of her styles. Her videos and drawings offer peace of mind and all her beautiful artwork depict her passion. The drawings also have hazy hearts, broken hearts, and lots more.

Doodle Art Blue And Green Mandala by Lady Meli Art
Image Credit: Lady Meli

Lady Meli’s prolific imagination shows a great variation with mandala designs. Mandala refers to a circle and the drawings do not fall in this classification. Many art forms are now improvised and given new styles. Meli is proficient and her skill and imagination to propel work has an inspired direction. This Cambodian artist, Lady Meli is taking to another level the doodling. You can visit her Instagram account that also goes by the same name. You will be amazed to see intricate designs with rainbow colors in profusion.

Doodle Art Blomming by Lady Meli Art
Image Credit: Lady Meli

Meli’s designs make you feel the rainbow colors; the designs show her bright thoughts and the way it promotes her distinct art. Lady Meli is a gifted daughter from Indonesia having a detailed eye for her creations. It appears as soulful designs such that it is immensely pleasing to the eye. In her drawing, she specializes in zentangles and mandalas.

A Mandala refers to the ritual and spiritual symbol. It represents the universe. It originates with the Buddhists and Hindus that it has become a generic term for a chart, diagram, or geometric pattern representing the cosmos. Meli aims at making every mandala formation look appealing and colorful. She does not involve in the formation of the mandala’s nitty-gritty.

Doodle Art Love The Color by Lady Meli Art
Image Credit: Lady Meli

On the other hand, a zentangle is an art form but is not doodling. Doodling is about scribbling unmindfully, without giving full attention. But to create zentangle there is a need for focused attention, deep thought, and is made within fixed formats. However, Meli does not use prescribed methods or formulaic composition in drawing zentangles.

Meli’s passion is drawing and her creation is the outpouring of her emotions and feeling expressed on paper by her hand. She acquires inspiration from other artist’s works and also by seeing around some good art.

Art form for Meli is a form of relaxation. It keeps the brain activity that the creative juices keep flowing. Every day, she attempts drawing something on paper and she is now addicted to drawing. Her dedication has made her a self-taught wonderful artist today.

To know more about Lady Meli: YouTube

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