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Beautiful Digital Illustration Artwork by Isabella Agosti

Isabella Agosti is from Italy, a programmer and an illustrator, working in Milano, and living in Piacenza. Isabella is a Computer Science Engineer. She is passionate about digital art and video games. She is a quick learner and a very curious type of person. Adding to these attributes, she has a creative mind.

Digital Illustration Art Izzy by Isabella Agosti
Image Credit: Isabella Agosti

She was always passionate about drawing but did not see her passion to earn her living. She believes to have taken the drawing lead from her grandma and dad. Pursuing her engineering education, she completely stopped drawing. One fine day, while scrolling Instagram, she saw an artist profile with his videos and work. She noticed that artist used a tablet and a pen. As a technology sucker always; she immediately combined her two passions and brought excitement back to her life. Thus, she boarded the artistic journey, sharing her illustrations.

Isabella built a mobile indie game and also an education app in Augmented and Virtual Reality. As a programmer and following it as a team leader she participated in various team projects. Her versatility is startling as she has profound knowledge and experience with UML diagramming and Git for versioning for project documentation and project management.

Digital Illustration Art Queens Gambit by Isabella Agosti
Image Credit: Isabella Agosti

Isabella is hardworking and believes in doing anything well. This is one of the vital reasons that she pays attention to each detail and is well-organized. The added beauty is that besides being passionate about gaming, she loves digital art. She has enriched her knowledge in digital art and includes her experience of using Blender for character modeling and Procreate for Character design.

Digital Illustration Art Sella by Isabella Agosti
Image Credit: Isabella Agosti

The digital art passion in Isabella is displayed in her drawing passion and painting on her iPad the characters. She is a perfectionist is apparent from her smooth shapes and lines that she uses. Her ability to use shadows and lights to see the best results brings out her creative mind characters and the way she keeps the feed exciting and fresh. Her willingness to look for inspiration and to admire creativity is astounding.

Digital Illustration Art Gambit by Isabella Agosti
Image Credit: Isabella Agosti
Focus on Illustration

Isabella focuses on illustration as it is expressive and storytellers get a fulfilling experience. There and endless possibilities and diversity of illustration to create imagination sparks and to open minds. The modern world goes much beyond language boundaries. Isabella finds illustration to be more powerful to become the storyteller’s priority. It is because photography is becoming impossible with the global lockdown. The illustration is making a comeback mainly because the photographers are unable to get closer to their subjects. While the pictures on the mobile phones are just near to perfect.

Engaging with consumers

Isabella has plans to own a shop and to sell cute stationery of all kinds of her creation such as prints, stickers, notebooks, tapes, pins, etc. She also wishes to open a Patreon page to share her art process behind-the-scenes, drawing videos, art tutorials, and their sketches. She also loves to
have the Q & A videos and livestreams that are in demand. She is also driving deeper in different ways creating live illustrations to acquire deeper consumer engagement.

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Source: https://www.isabellaagosti.com/

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