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Scintillating Mythological Digital Illustration and Vector Art by Karan Acharya

Digital illustartion art: Karan Acharya is from Bengaluru a 32-year-old graphic artist and has become an internet sensation after his digital artwork and digital illustration went viral on social media. This artist came in 2017 into spotlight for his work and he became the sensational hit after his Lord Hanuman vector work.

Karan Acharya’s mythological images from common people are going viral. Acharya is receiving on a daily basis nearly 2000 requests on social media. He recreates any ordinary picture into a visual art, where he depicts people as whatever they wish to be or any mythological figures. He recently turned a daily-wage laborers family picture into Lord Krishna’s family and it grabbed the netizens attention. The picture received on Twitter more than 159.7K likes and 24,000 re-tweet.

Acharya is editing photographs and is finding way to people’s heart. He is giving a picture as one wants. For instance, a person wanted for a special child, his brother’s son, to be as Lord Krishna and another person wants to see his brother who is deceased in a BSF uniform.

The artist says on a daily basis he receives 2000 requests across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. He takes charges for a few artworks, while most are done free of cost.

Karan Acharya says he is been drawing since childhood. His mom is an artist and art has been his part of life. He did his schooling in Kasargod, Kerala. He says I sketch or do canvas paintings every day. I read mythological stories a lot and so most of his works reveal mythological backgrounds and it comes to him naturally.

The graphic artist became popular in 2017 with his Lord Hanuman vector image so much that Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister also mentioned about it in Karnataka election rally. He says he did the Lord Hanuman vector work in 2015 and it suddenly got viral in 2017. He said he was teaching Photoshop in a Kasargod private institution and quit the job as he was underpaid. He
took to freelance works and only after the viral of Hanuman image, I started getting many projects. Karan’s inspiration is from Raja Ravi Varma, the legendary artist, he said. He said he is working as a concept artist in BYJU’s from 9.30 am to 7 pm and later does these artworks.

Digital illustration

Digital Illustration Art Hanuman
Art Credit: Karan Acharya

Digital Illustration Art Shri Ram
Art Credit: Karan Acharya

Digital Illustration Art Angry Hanuman
Art Credit: Karan Acharya

Digital Illustration Art Hanuman
Art Credit: Karan Acharya

Digital Vector Art Hanuman
Art Credit: Karan Acharya

Digital Painting Art Hanuman
Art Credit: Karan Acharya

A few months back, a cloud image was sent to Karan by some person and it looked like Lord Ganesha to Karan and he transformed it. He says, he did some work and uploaded the image, and was glad with the good response. Now he keeps receiving plenty of requests, and he is doing it in
his free time.

Acharya has no issue if others use his work. The Hanuman work alone is copyrighted. This animator and photo editor Bangalore-based shares colorful digital illustrations, but after the little boy was transformed as Krishna, everyone became speechless. It looks for Karan nothing is impossible. He is receiving continuous requests and he is charging only when someone wants it
urgently. It is expected that his mail inbox will burst soon!

Check More About: Karan Acharya | Instagram https://www.instagram.com/karanacharya.kk/

Source: https://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/art-and-culture/karan-acharya-artist-viral-mythological-images-6574841/


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