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Delicious Food Photography by Irina Meliukh

Irina Meliukh is a food photographer who presents a warm rustic style. She is a self-taught photographer using authentic old props, natural light and seasonal organic goods. She studied different, but is now working for food magazines and producers as a stylist, food photographers, and recipe developer.

Food Photography Raspberry Popsicles by Irina Meliukh
Photography Credit: Irina Meliukh

Irina Meliukh completed from Linguistic University her graduation. She began as an English teacher and she developed to share the results on a food blog as it was her hobby and passion. After many years, Irina began to work for the food books, magazines and companies. She loves food blogging, but changed her profession to photographer from being a teacher.

Food Photography Apple Rose Pie by Irina Meliukh
Photography Credit: Irina Meliukh

Irina’s props are soulful and she makes it a point to highlight the details of her photography with old things. She brings her props from her grandmother’s house that is located in a small village. Irina loves beautiful colors that are bright, and the seasonal foods and wild flowers. In her pictures, she styles and cooks herself.

Food Photography Three Chocolates by Irina Meliukh
Photography Credit: Irina Meliukh

Irina is now working for Danone Belarus. The fact is agreed that all superfoods do not look equal. All the foods vary in strengths, but Irina presents it in an admirable style. It is for anyone to get overexcited as you start a garden and to know the different things or types of vegetables you can grow. Irina got her experience through her food blog that she switched to working for food
related magazines and sites.

Food Photography Raspberry by Irina
Photography Credit: Irina Meliukh

Irina concentrates on more potential, power and energy in the food types. They are challenging related to styling that she gets excited while working and revealing the character and beauty of the food. Now she sometimes finds it funny that her career beginning was with her food blog and she switched to styling and food photography. She felt that taking a picture of a dessert or a
cake has lots to do. It seems simple, but they are pretty and you must show their beauty.

Food Photography Egg and Spinach Pie by Irina Meliukh
Photography Credit: Irina Meliukh

She does not compromise in her work and ensures the importance of light. Her photography allows her to refresh something, change the color or the scene conveniently to ascertain the angle of shooting is perfect. As a stylist she does not accept anything going out of the way. She has many things to do the needed alterations and above all the chef’s knife is the best tweezer.

Irina loves the traditional approach and keeps to it considerably. She finds it to be more stable in approach. Her food photography significant styles are unique. There are mystic light and dark food photographs such that the atmosphere shows strong accents of light on the food and there is the contrast of highlights and shadows. However, the rustic village style presents her food
photographs in her grandmother’s country house atmosphere that is natural and soft with aged and vintage props, wooden naturally-aged backgrounds, textures and rustic textiles.

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