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Beautiful Realistic 3D Model Designs by Sina Pahlevani

Realistic 3D Model: Sina Pahlevani, was born in Iran and continues to live in Iran. He graduated in 2009 as a Graphic Designer. His concentration is in 3D Concept Art. He lives in Tehran, Iran. He started oil painting and drawing when he was 15 years old. He got his BA degree in graphic designing and different jobs in animation, 3D architecture, and TV advertising. He began as an advertising designer and later decided to follow his 3D Art old passion. He worked as an animator, modeler, Renderman, and compositor for many years. He is now in a Tehran game studio working as a 3D generalist artist. He loves robots as usually of the boys.

3D Model Design Vincent Cassell by Sina Pahlevani
Image Credit: Sina Pahlevani

His love for robots is from his childhood and now with the 3D software, he says he can bring out his imagination and bring it on a digital canvas for real. Sina Pahlevani won The Mecha War Challenge. He submitted a model for the contest and it was a good effort that he had done with a complex Mecha. He is a talented artist, specialized in concepting as a 3D generalist. He won
second place as 3D Concept Art winner of The Mecha War Challenge.’

Sina Pahlevani secured second place and it was the first challenge he took part and winning second place was a boost to his creation of more artworks. This victory promoted his passion. The software and tools were helpful for his progress. They are the best tools that any artist requires for better outcomes. He says he participated in the challenge considering two main points that he wished to deliver as a concept, which was that his robot should be practical and there should be uniqueness such that it should have human-like anatomy with specifications.

3D Model Design Aquaman by Sina Pahlevani
Image Credit: Sina Pahlevani

Sina Pahlevani is happy about securing second place. He says he began sketching keeping in mind to add some eye-grabbing variety. This was the reason he thickened the left hand to get a heavy-duty feeling. He also added a joint to the knee to present a feel of more power and agility. It was done taking into consideration the size and weight of the robot.

The concept idea and making the parts were challenging. He says the tough part was in making personality and a unique form. He aimed to keep the looks dignified and trustful. It creates shapes and conveys exact feelings. He says the best for taking part in The Mecha War Challenge is to pay attention to anatomy study and steps from concept to modeling, lighting, material, color harmony, rendering, composition, etc. He says all these have to be set right.

3D Model Design Jacey by Sina Pahlevani
Image Credit: Sina Pahlevani

Sina Pahlevani says he is preparing better to meet future challenges. The 3D Concept Art Community is pleased with the creative challenge and was on the sponsor’s behalf involved challenge. It is a creator of imagination and there are times to keep up. Though he completed many projects, his main attraction is the gaming industry and he is following his interest in Tehran.

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