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Stunning Celebrity Color Pencil Drawings by Edmar Silva

Color Pencil Drawing: Edmar Silva was born on 19 April, 1982. He is 38 years, born in Brazil in a place Mogi das Cruzes. He belongs to Brazil Nationality. His first name is Edmar and his last name is Lacerda da Silva.

Edmar Silva is well known for his pencil drawing and it has the qualities of richness and glazes in color. His methodology is creative and is well reflected through his artworks. He feels he is fully armed when he has the wax and the painting as free flow. He believes they are his weapons. His magnificent works are full of elegance, richness, and beauty.

Color Pencil Drawing Genie by Edmar Sliva
Image Credit: Edmar Silva

Pencil drawing is an instrument composed of graphite that comes with a wood covering or casing. It is intended for a sketch or even for more elaborate work in another medium, such as a finished work or an exercise in the visual expression. Edmar Silva considers color pencil drawing a very creative process. The drawings of Edmar Silva take the readers back to their past showing the paths of craving paintings that are smooth. All his creations are embedded with styles such as abstraction, photorealism, composite and whimsical. The portraits are friendly to handle and are like feathers. He used Prisma color colored pencils, Professional Artist-Quality colored pencils, and Artist-Quality colored pencils.

Color Pencil Drawing Aquaman by Edmar Sliva
Image Credit: Edmar Silva

Edmar Silva is fond of pencil drawing and believes it is a versatile artistic medium. It allows drawing polished landscapes to quick caricatures while offering all sorts of creative ideas to life. He says using even a regular HB pencil one can sketch things roughly. Pencils allow you to create detailed, imaginative, and realistic drawings. A blend pencil allows a medium note and is also fun to experiment with. After a pencil sketch, it is easy to digitize or scan it.

Color Pencil Drawing Emilia Clarke by Edmar Sliva
Image Credit: Edmar Silva

Turning the drawing into a logo design is possible using Adobe illustrator. Even opening the same logo design in Adobe Fresco as your pencil sketch, and adding to its customized brushes will highlight and transform into interesting ways. Pencil, watercolor brushes, and pen can elevate any drawing to a masterpiece from doodle. Especially with the digital space, you can move your sketch or pencil drawing to edit and transform it into amazing painting or drawing.

The pencil is a charcoal that has a wooden sheath. Thus, taking to pencil correctly is important and one must master to hold it perfectly. Holding the pencil, shading using the pencil, and covering large areas, while drawing soft and wide lines represents art. You can use the point of the pencil only if you need intricate details. There is no need to make marks using your wrist or
fingers. It may affect the feel and look of your drawing.

Pencil drawing is the first step and many artists begin with light or rough drawing. However, make sure for a pencil drawing to use a hard lead so that the lines are easy and light to erase. Planning the work composition is a must and to avoid resting hands on the drawn areas means you should have a perfect pencil grip so that you do not smudge your drawings.

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Source: https://www.instagram.com/edmar_silva_art


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