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Stunning Bird Paper Sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

Bird Paper Sculpture: Diana Beltran Herrera has completed an MA in fine arts. She is an industrial designer. She is from Colombia and is now living in Bristol, UK. She is working mostly using paper and very simple materials. Her core subject is nature and she is exploring the other themes, personal objects with each passing day. She uses paper to make paper cuts and paper sculptures. She works for advertising, editorial, arts, fashion, and creates work for exhibitions and museums. She is versatile with paperwork and is fond of creating something using paper.

Bird Paper Sculpture Cock by Diana Beltran Herrera
Image Credit: Diana Beltran Herrera

Diana Beltran Herrera, a young talent from Colombian has displayed her works in Indonesia, the US, the UK, and Germany. Her works are well-known internationally. She works using ordinary materials such as cardboard, wire, paper, and plastic to produce sculptures and wishes to explore primarily the relationship between nature and humans.

Bird Paper Sculpture Cattle Egret by Diana Beltran Herrera
Image Credit: Diana Beltran Herrera

Diana Beltran Herrera, the Bristol-based artist started sculpting the layered paper impeccably into wildlife and birds. She did this as a way of recording her surroundings. It was her passion for paper sculpture that she did lifelike pieces without any break and captured the detailed and minuscule elements of nature. It includes the veins of the leaves to the fibrous texture of the bird’s feathers. Her extensive work includes a series of insects, birds, plants, and fish,
showcasing the intricacy of her technical execution and is now a collective thematic purpose well-served.


Bird Paper Sculpture Drongo by Diana Beltran Herrera
Image Credit: Diana Beltran Herrera

Diana Beltran Herrera believes birds are important for her work. She is fond of all animals and tries to communicate with them using a common language. She loves birds as they are fragile and timid little creatures. She dislikes even relating the birds in real. She began creating birds aiming, they come closer to her. Her aim to bring the birds closer was to relate with them and to understand them without harming them. She believes sculpture is a way of repairing broken relationships. There are different kinds of animals to portrait and to present their beauty, admire them, and learn about the animals by setting them free.

Today, the artist, Diana Beltran Herrera, has expanded her practice, including exotic species and environments. She is developing her techniques of paper to express the nuanced details of textures and shapes that she studies in her biology books. She is focusing now on the structural elements of floral, fruit, fungi, and lots more.

Bird Paper Sculpture Cockatoo by Diana Beltran Herrera
Image Credit: Diana Beltran Herrera

Diana believes paper is a medium for documentation that permits creating ideas and notions of subjects and to register a new experience. She says the new experience is complete only through a sculpture for Diana. The experience in real life is not satisfactory for her, so she approaches it with a paper sculpture to ensure fullness. Through her work, she wishes to show her viewers that nature and its surroundings, the animals and birds are not harmful, and she has been learning about nature all by herself and her research.

Diana’s work is focused on environmental justice and conservation efforts. She keeps on looking for new subjects relating to the present time so that she can convey important information through her work. She aims to educate people about new things and make things visible. The approach used by her to deliver messages is graphic and visual.

Diana Beltran Herrera’s projects upcoming will include a coral sculpture. She hopes to merge digital and graphic design with her paper pieces and to add animation. She says she is diving into larger projects as a challenge to know how to create and execute new things with paper.

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Source: http://www.dianabeltranherrera.com


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