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Beautiful Paper Sculptures by Yun Gee Bradley

Paper Sculpture: Yun Gee Bradley grew up in Korea and Hong Kong. She loved making things since her elementary school. She did not ask her mother to purchase art supplies. Instead, she used that was available around the house. She drew pretty girls, colored using crayons, cut them and made clothes for them.

In 1995, she came to America, bought a computer and started making brochures, flyers, and business cards for her friends. She was happy in helping others and creating things. With the popularity of Feng Shui she took to learning at the Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute the authentic Feng Shui. She used the concepts to design business cards and logos. She ensured the flow of energy applies to her graphic design. She began teaching Feng Shui and started designing logos, flyers, and business cards, and also became a consultant.

 Yun Gee and her husband made custom jewelry, but she lost her son and her world collapsed leading to deep depression. However, with the encouragement of her husband and Ukelele, the music healing power, Yun Gee came out of the depression. She designed charts, helped memorize chords, and realized beautiful graphics gave her a better feel.

She slowly started taking interest in Hanji, the Korean paper, and she learnt it with her cousin. Yun Gee did not know this Korean traditional craft, but was drawn to its applications and beauty. It appeared to be a joyful creating process as meditative.

Yun Gee says traditional Hanji is beautiful. It has the strength and flexibility to express in words. Hanji paper lasts for more than 1000 years. It can be used to make traditional jewelry cases, paper textiles, dishes and furniture.

After learning, Yun Gee developed her own technique with Hanji paper. She used paper and glue, no pen or paint. She did it without using scissors. She pulled the tiny fibers to tear and shape the paper before gluing as required to the project. Of course, it took a longer time, and she found herself merging with beautiful, creative paper as meditation, filling her with wonder and peace.

Hanji paper is made from the Mulberry trees inner bark. She became intimate working with Hanji paper. She tells the paper tells her what it does not like, which is best to shape. Though it is soft, it is tough. This characteristic she loved in the Hanji paper.

Using Hanji paper stirs joy in Yun Gee as the process requires using hands to pull the paper strand to create shapes or outline. The strength and beauty of Hanji lasts for more than 500 years and she is happy that she traveled with a Hanji master to Korea to learn about it.

Yun Gee is not able to make much stuff as buying Hanji needs trip to Korea and due to the pandemic, the traveling is stopped. Instead, she began purchasing mulberry bark and started dyeing it. Her work is selected for juried exhibitions and she promises to make a video about the process.

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