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Beautiful 3D Model Design by Jorge Luis

Jorge Luis Miraldo is an illustrator and art director living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His 3d model design works presents his unique skill and creativity. He is a graphic designer and CGI 3d model designer from Mexico. He can be available on instagram as @shorsh and he shares here his daily visual experiments.

3D Model Toon Girl Yessi-by Jorge Luis
Image Credit: Jorge Luis

He is working as a freelancer from Mexico right now and is using maya, Zbrush softwares for his 3d modeling. His way of creating amazing imaginery is done by using Photoshop on PC or Mac. He renders a static image and plays around on Photoshop using it, while finally he adds some details and gives the final touch. He creates amazing artworks that printing on canvas, paper, or any other material is possible. You can use it to decorate photo collages, as an hd wall paper or for digital illustrations or texture.

3D Model Yessi by Jorge Luis
Image Credit: Jorge Luis

The biggest beauty is that his zbrush 3d modeling is flawless. The 3d models skins are created effortlessly using the substance painter. His technique is interesting and handy that it is worth experimenting. Most of his 3d models are found in the video games of children. Even the way he teaches shows he is a stunning instructor. His brilliance is apparent as he takes to 3D modeling.
It looks like he is following a formula and is designing on a grid to maintain precision.

3D Model Jasmine by Jorge Luis
Image Credit: Jorge Luis

Jorge Luis throws light on the way of 3d modeling character. He shows a detailed render of full body that is impossible in the time frame. Character modeling is about bringing a change to an idea. However, the idea can be simple, but it should appear as a three dimensional model. The character artist, Jorge Luis builds a model using tools and digital sculpting techniques. The artist uses several techniques while creating a vision.

3D Model Girl by Jorge Luis
Image Credit: Jorge Luis

The digital modern works are done using software and ZBrush and Maya software offer the same effect. These tools work in combination with the digital work, creating a base model and sculpting more details. Finalizing a character model means it is ready to launch. Character designing of 3d modeling is a blend of creative and technical sides, and is a pleasing profession.

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Source: https://at-flamesworld.cgsociety.org/wtx2/toon-girl-yessi


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