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f doodle art lady meli
Doodle Art: Lady Meli Art is an artist presenting great imagination. The artist taking by her name creates beauty featuring geometric shapes. She has a knack for creating beautifully colored drawings with geometric shapes. Lady Meli is from Indonesia, a well-taught artist and she reveals her Mandalas showing changes from ...
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f paper sculptures diana
Bird Paper Sculpture: Diana Beltran Herrera has completed an MA in fine arts. She is an industrial designer. She is from Colombia and is now living in Bristol, UK. She is working mostly using paper and very simple materials. Her core subject is nature and she is exploring the other ...
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feature pencil drawing
Noxchi Yu lives in Antwerp, Belgium. She works at CHANEL. She has a passion for pencil drawing that she explores the emotion and human form through realistic pencil drawings. She witnesses the reflection in one’s eyes and draws it in pencil. The image and the glistening pupil with the eyeball ...
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Untitled 1 1
Realistic Flower Painting: Gioacchino Passini was born on 11th march 1956 in Fanano (Modena). He works and lives in the Bologna province, Italy in Crespellano. He was 17 when he held is exhibition one-man in his hometown. He continued to show his works in solo and in group exhibitions. He ...
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food art sarah
Food Art: Sarah Lescrauwaet is a UK based artist paining with food. Sarah lived for more than 7 years in Africa and worked with several food producers. Food has been her passion and as a co-founder of chocolate brand, she creates many illustrations using vegetables and fruits. Sarah says parenting ...
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Untitled 1 3
Surreal Oil Painting: Vitaly Urzhumov was born in Ulan-Ude in 1981 and works in Vladivostok, Russia. He is a young Russian surrealist painter. His interest in drawing was right from his junior classes. His parents got him enrolled in an art school. He studied for six years and continued developing ...
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