Fine Arts

f ceramic sculpture johnson
Johnson Tsang was born in Hong Kong in 1960 and his language is sculpting. It is the way he communicates his to the world his observations. The porcelain sculptures are about relationships. His full name is Johnson Cheung-Shing Tsang. He devotes week 50 to 60 hours to create illusionistic ceramic ...
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f digital art agosti
Isabella Agosti is from Italy, a programmer and an illustrator, working in Milano, and living in Piacenza. Isabella is a Computer Science Engineer. She is passionate about digital art and video games. She is a quick learner and a very curious type of person. Adding to these attributes, she has ...
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f watercolor painting wendy
WendyPaints, a young painter from Sydney, Australia reveals the fluidity medium that makes the watercolor flow into unbelievable pieces. Her painting and portraits are full of architectural places and pets. The painting is less predictable and reveals the watercolor artist's talents of balancing freedom and control in their work. The ...
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f digital painting ross tran
Ross Tran is a 23-year-old artist, a recent graduate from Pasdena’s Art Center College of Design. Tran’s already has YouTube viewers of more than two million views. The beauty of his art is the playful tone he maintains, the quick cuts, the breathless moments that are hyperactive presenting whistle-stop style ...
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f color pencil drawing edmar
Color Pencil Drawing: Edmar Silva was born on 19 April, 1982. He is 38 years, born in Brazil in a place Mogi das Cruzes. He belongs to Brazil Nationality. His first name is Edmar and his last name is Lacerda da Silva. Edmar Silva is well known for his pencil ...
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f harbin ice sculpture festival
Cultural revolution brought many changes in the world especially in 1980s. One such change is the Harbin Latern festival after the re-inauguration of traditional ice Latern show. The propaganda department witnessed that the people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan where more interested in snow than the ice lantern. The ...
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