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featured digital art
Digital Art: Holly Fae is California-based artist. She is always inspired and intrigued by magic and fantasy. It is her art to share magic by creating beautiful things, thereby bringing into people lives some shims. She strives to create new or different things and pushes herself to new styles and ...
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f portrait painting nadar
Portrait Painting: Irakli Nadar is a 28-year-old artist who says creativity is important that focusing on the techniques. It is not that technique is not required but creativity is a must. It is something AI can never recreate. It is a skill; it is a remaking pattern of pre-existing concepts ...
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f digital art karan acharya
Digital illustartion art: Karan Acharya is from Bengaluru a 32-year-old graphic artist and has become an internet sensation after his digital artwork and digital illustration went viral on social media. This artist came in 2017 into spotlight for his work and he became the sensational hit after his Lord Hanuman ...
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f wood carving mahajati art
Wood Carving Artwork: Mohammad Mohdar Anwar became interested in Islamic Woodcarving as he was looking to gift his mother on her birthday some unique gift. He was captivated by the calligraphic art beauty that the artisans produced for their homes by hand. He recalls he found something special in those ...
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f paper sculpture yungee
Paper Sculpture: Yun Gee Bradley grew up in Korea and Hong Kong. She loved making things since her elementary school. She did not ask her mother to purchase art supplies. Instead, she used that was available around the house. She drew pretty girls, colored using crayons, cut them and made ...
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f food artworks laleh
Food Artwork: Laleh Mohmedi is a social media star popular for her Jacob’s Food Diaries showcasing her food designs. It resembles cartoon famous characters and all the food designs attempt was for her son Jacob. Initially, in May 2015, she made an artistic meal by transforming his pancakes into a ...
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