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Energizing Wildlife Animal Portrait Photography By Michele Bavassano

Animal Portrait Photography by Michele Bavassano is a professional photographer working as a nature photographer. He travels to naturalistic destinations. The photographic projects and images represent his photographic genre that has only free animals in their natural habitat.

Michele has been photographing wild animals; he looks for the animal’s expressiveness and focuses on perfect light. His photographs present a personal style close to nature. He spends thousands of hours in the field looking for perfect moment in his images. He tries to convey a story, an emotion that he concentrates on the compositions and atmosphere, while observing his images.

Michele born in Orvieto in 1996 grew up in the border between Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. It was a small town and as a child he was attracted to nature and its surroundings that it became his interest. He is contemplating with nature for several years now trying to share his emotions
through his photographs.

Michele is the wildlife photographer who is followed by the social community and it is apparent in his follower’s numbers on the web. He receives millions of shares and views from all over and is shared b the BBC and the Discovery Channel. Recently, Michele has been active in safeguarding and protecting the environment. He collaborated with WWF and donated his images to favor the endangered species and with Lipu.

In 2015 he secured in the World Championship 2nd place as young photography in Oman. In September 2019 he collaborated with ENEL Energia by inserting animal portraits from all over the world in their e-magazine, concentrating eco-sustainability. In June 2020 he was within the artistic project as a Jury in “The cities of the future” proposed by ICS International School and it had important names such as Igino Massari, Gianna Nannini,  Elisa, and Carlo Cracco. In August 2020 donated his best two images for fundraising campaign of African Parks that was hit by the Covid Pandemic. He is helping to protect the areas and its naturalistic value, and to fight

Michele manages a network of events relating the photography world. He participated in advanced and basic photography workshops. He also runs nature photography workshops series in the Italian Parks: the National Park of Abruzzo, the Parco della Maremma, the Gran Paradiso National Park, the Circeo National Park, the Sibillini Mountains National Park, the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve, and in a few WWF and Lipu Oases. Since 2019 his photographic trips included the main destination on all continents for nature photography such as Asia, Europe, Africa, and America.

Animal Portrait Photography

Animal Portrait Photography Cheetah
Photography Credit: Michele Bavassano

Animal Portrait Photography Lion
Photography Credit: Michele Bavassano

3 wildlife portrait photography tiger by michele bavassano
Photography Credit: Michele Bavassano

4 wildlife portrait photography wolf by michele bavassano
Photography Credit: Michele Bavassano

5 wildlife portrait photography bear by michele bavassano
Photography Credit: Michele Bavassano

6 wildlife portrait photography monkey by michele bavassano
Photography Credit: Michele Bavassano

7 wildlife portrait photography monkey by michele bavassano
Photography Credit: Michele Bavassano

8 wildlife portrait photography owl by michele bavassano
Photography Credit: Michele Bavassano

His constant work in this field resulted in many collaboration in the photography world. From May 2018, he, Michele Bavassano became the GITZO brand ambassador and in 2019 he began collaboration with Canon Italy. He collaborated from September 2020 with Swarovsky Optik by
becoming the Opinion leader of the brand.

In recent years he collected collaborations including Canon, WWF Italy, BenQ, Wacom, Pluto Trigger, Manfrotto, Scubla, XP-Pen, Revolution Race, Wise, Easy Cover, and Pulsar.

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