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Amazing Food Artworks by Laleh Mohmedi

Food Artwork: Laleh Mohmedi is a social media star popular for her Jacob’s Food Diaries showcasing her food designs. It resembles cartoon famous characters and all the food designs attempt was for her son Jacob. Initially, in May 2015, she made an artistic meal by transforming his pancakes into a Lion.

Laleh Mohmedi has a daughter, Charlie. She is one of the creative moms transforming the vegetables and meals at dinner time into fun characters. Every parent has a technique of convincing their fussy children and making them to eat the greens. It needs moms to be tricky. Laleh Mohmedi, mother of two found a smart way of transforming healthy foods into incredible meals. The meal is full of vegetables and fruits that it is hard to resist for her kids.

Laleh Mohmedi is a home cook from Melbourne running Jacob’s Food Diaries. Her inspiration for cooking was from the children’s movies and favorite TV shows. She created it for fun and it was a bond initially in the kitchen to be together and she spoke with her kids about different foods. She created ravioli Sponge Bob Square Pants, a mashed potato and chicken Woody from Toy Story and from Aladdin a blue spirulina Genie. She says it is a fascinating way of bonding with kids, and also wished her mother did the same when she was young.

Laleh Mohmedi has Jacob, a six-year old son and Charlie Rose, a daughter. She mastered this art of healthy food fun to please her children and to make them eat healthy food. She agrees that it is not very easy, there were challenges and only with practice, she got it easier. It was not very easy, but also not very hard after practice.

She began with the easy one initially and slowly got into the sculpture one, that are tributes to celebrities. The mash potato sculptures are the hardest, and it is for art and fun, not meant for eating. She is continuing with her food fun and loves it as this job gives her ample time to do it from home. She also gets to travel around the world, while doing something fun.

Laleh Mohmedi said to Daily Mail Australia that she is able to bring out the food art character in 20 to 35 minutes. Eating healthily is her aim and she uses vegetables, fruits, ham, rice, wholemeal wraps, spelt pancakes, and eggs for her designs. She also said the coloring is done using vegetables or fruits, and she used the ingredients she has in the fridge.

She says that she prepared Jacob’s fresh food keeping the cold elements first and then prepared he hot element. She cuts the fruits first for her son’s breakfast into different shapes and at the end cooks the eggs. Mrs. Mohmedi encourages all mothers to give a hand and to try food art. She says I take a look at the earlier food art and takes the next step. Though, the excitement for Jacob is the same from the first to the latest food art.

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Source: https://www.instagram.com/jacobs_food_diaries


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