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African Safari-Mind Blowing Wildlife Photography by Yaron Schmid

Wildlife Photography: Yaron Schmid is a Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist, Veterinarian, Safari leader, and Award Winner. As a veterinarian, he had a special look that he could see the souls of the animals through his eyes. He could anticipate animal behavior and read their action. This made him an expert in catching special moments. It offers a glimpse into unique personalities and their rich emotional lives.

Many animals that Yaron Schmid photographed were endangered species. He takes his guests to get the intimate way of experiencing Africa distinctly. His knowledge of animal behavior with his ability to spot animals makes his safari rewarding and rich experiences that guests enjoy the safari thoroughly.

Wildlife Photography Lion by Yaron Schmid
Photography: Yaron Schmid

Yaron Schmid from his childhood loved animals. He grew up in Jerusalem and wanted to become a wildlife veterinarian. It was the reason he pursued his studies in veterinary medicine in Israel at Hebrew University before he moved to New York City where he is now treating dogs and cats. Yaron is an avid hiker and traveler, while his recent hobby turned into the next career that is wildlife photography. He bought a decent camera after a safari trip with his son to Africa a few years ago and set in New York to do street photography. This was the way he began using it. He also took on DVD a photography course, and he is a self-taught person.

After a safari trip to Africa with his son four years ago, he bought his first “decent camera” and set about doing street photography in New York to learn how to use it. While he did take a photography course on DVD, he’s mostly self-taught. He fell in love with Africa and photography that he began traveling frequently to Africa. He started receiving feedback from his friends and others online on his photos that he was motivated to become serious with his photography skills. Thus, he committed himself to be a full-time wildlife photographer.


Wildlife Photography Cheetah Cub by Yaron Schmid
Photography: Yaron Schmid

Schmid’s photos were featured by National Geographic magazine and have been recognized in contests. He sets up a website and gets serious with people and accompanies customized safaris through Africa. Schmid says he was a veterinarian and is a vet. But as a professional photographer, he can get into the subject as he is a veterinarian. It offers him the advantage of a
deeper understanding of the interactions of animals and he also has clinical information about the animals.

Schmid believes he understands animals more than any other normal person and it is because of his profession also as a veterinarian. He can anticipate the behavior of an animal and so he is able to get the best of his shots. Taking beautiful photographs of animals is his penchant, but he also wishes to make use of his skill to bring awareness to animal conservation. This is the reason
he is partnering with nonprofit organizations to raise money for conservation projects and the proceeds portion from his prints sale is to support these organizations.

4 wildlife photography cheetah by yaron achmid e1616919477914
Photography: Yaron Schmid

Schmid’s safaris are ideal for people interested in wildlife photography. However, he also takes people who merely come for a more customized experience. He offers tips for the photographers about animal behavior and teaches how to anticipate what may happen to get unique shots. For
non-photographers, his guests he takes the pictures to enjoy the moment.

Wildlife Photography Cheetah by Yaron Schmid
Photography: Yaron Schmid

His trips are designed aiming conservation; not merely looking or taking photographs of animals. In this way, he is learning more about the natural behavior of the animals. Schmid has photographed the rarest animals in the world, but his list is missing the wild dog’s photographs. He says he loves going to places that offer a private experience.

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