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Adorable Miniaturist Polymer Clay Sculpture by Fanni Sandor

Polymer Clay Sculpture: Fanni Sandor is 39-year old. She is a biologist and has worked with the projects of nature conservation until she had kids. However, now she is a full-time miniaturist. She is a biologist, and this makes Sandor both knowledgeable adding to inspiration. The subjects that are nature-based inspire her and she makes plants and animals lifelike.

Fanni Sandor is fascinated since her childhood by the miniatures. She keep constructing from candle wax, toothpicks, paper, and glue, even when she was just six. There are no traditions of 1:12 scale miniature making in her country. In twenties she met the work of professional miniaturists online. She got fascinated.

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Image Credit: Fanni Sandor

Today, Fanni Sandor is a Hungary-based biologist and artist fashioning the minuscule baby bluejays screaming for food, a mouse peering out from bread, and a swaying mallard’s family. She is inspired by her biology background, the miniatures feature her talent of looking for accurate details, and her art mostly fits on the finger tip.

Polymer Clay Sculpture Rooster by Fanni Sandor
Image Credit: Fanni Sandor

Fanni Sandor spends two days to around two weeks to make a single piece. Anything may appear small, but it takes time, such as the robin’s nest took three days to complete. Her process begins from collecting photographs of the species. She begins sketching a prototype. Her multifaceted process involves forgoing molds. She employs in pin-ending tools and embossing to sculpt the animal figures from wire and polymer clay. Only after baking, she chisels into new details, attaches fur, paints, and feathers anytime necessary.

Polymer Clay Sculpture Hen by Fanni Sandor
Image Credit: Fanni Sandor

Each miniature artist knows ways to recreate a micro size object. They should never overlook the smallest detail, says Sandor. It is because the beauty lies in that art. Taking a peek at this Hungarian miniature artist works shows the meticulous planning she does and the way she crafts the miniature animals. Sandor loves making miniature things from her childhood, and slowly it became her passion and now a profession. She realized that there were miniature lovers and some were making at artistic level. That was the point she decided to go on being a professional miniaturist.

Polymer Clay Sculpture Eagle by Fanni Sandor
Image Credit: Fanni Sandor

Sandor took her innate passion with basic skills for this craft and did loads of practice. She was always fond of drawing, sculpting, and painting. These basic skills were helpful in developing her passion art work and profession. Yet, she says, she practiced a lot until she came up with a miniature work of the new generation for audience. Her aim is to produce detailed and realistic representations.

Sandor created each sculpture with great care. She says drawing is important to sculpt. For sculpting, she uses paper embossing and pin ending tools. She adds details to the sculpture after baking using her carving tools. After that she paints to give the sculpture a finished look. Last step is feathering or furing for which she attaches it using strong glue and her sculptures have wire legs.

Polymer Clay Sculpture Squirrel by Fanni Sandor
Image Credit: Fanni Sandor

In 2014, she applied for the IGMA Artisan title and it was an honor to receive to work for fine miniatures as art form. In 2016, with lots of hard work, she was awarded the title of IGMA.

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Source: https://mymodernmet.com/dollhouse-miniatures-animals/


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