feature 3d model design jorge
Jorge Luis Miraldo is an illustrator and art director living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His 3d model design works presents his unique skill and creativity. He is a graphic designer and CGI 3d model designer from Mexico. He can be available on instagram as @shorsh and he shares here his ...
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featured 3d model kivisto
Zbrsuh 3d Model: Liro Kivisto is a 3D artist, a 22-year-old design student from Finland. He was always keen in art and technology. He was keen in 3D visualization that he combined his technical knowledge with design and art that it became a huge passion. He got interested in this ...
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t 3d model
Celebrity 3D Model: Hadi Karimi is a 3D sculptor, CG artist. He is from Tahran, Iran. He is an Iranian freelance character artist specializing in highly realistic portraits of very famous personalities. He says it is a dose of inspiration and strikes with its realism than creativity. Hadi karimi is ...
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featured 3d model
Realistic 3D Model: Dongyoung Hwang is a 3D character artist. He is studying Industrial Design and is adding knowledge and skills to his workflow. His overall ambition is creating his movies in the future. Dongyoung Hwang is a self-taught South Korean 3D character artist. He is a student at Burg ...
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