f 3d model yokohara
3D Model Character Design: Hirokazu Yokohara is from Tokyo, Japan. He is a 3D artist. He is a Japan based CG Artist. Hirozaku Yukohara is a perfectionist and nothing can beat his perfection. He has produced some of the phenomenal works such as the virtual artist te’resa face, who has ...
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f caricature 3d model gabriel
Gabriel Soares is a freelance 3d modeler. He is a Brazilian artist working with 3D programs and digital painting. He loves exploring the art facets, while his character designs are the best. He loves bringing the super heroes in new avatars to life. Gabriel Soares models stylized character models keeping ...
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f reallife 3d character hossein
Hosseini Diba was born in Iran. He is a digital artist having specialized in character realization. He is the lead character artist. Right from his childhood, he loved painting. As he watched the Jurassic Park saga in the movie, he started imagining his future to be a modeler. At that ...
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f 3d model olya
Olya Anufrieva is a modeler/sculptor character. She is from Voronezh, Russia having industry experience of 10 years. Olya initiated her life as a Computer Graphics designer and her ardor was to develop into a 3D dimensional artist. Olya adopts her models from movies, cartoons, and games. The characters of her ...
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f 3d model sina
Realistic 3D Model: Sina Pahlevani, was born in Iran and continues to live in Iran. He graduated in 2009 as a Graphic Designer. His concentration is in 3D Concept Art. He lives in Tehran, Iran. He started oil painting and drawing when he was 15 years old. He got his ...
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3d model miranda
3D Model Character Design: Miguelin Miranda is from Barcelona, Spain, a character artist. He was born on 05/08/1957. Miguel Miranda is a 3D artist for over 10 years. His specialty is character modeling in 3D. He uses Maya, ZBrush, and Arnold software. He made characters for cinema, video games, cinematic ...
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