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3D Model Character Designs by Miguelin Miranda

3D Model Character Design: Miguelin Miranda is from Barcelona, Spain, a character artist. He was born on 05/08/1957. Miguel Miranda is a 3D artist for over 10 years. His specialty is character modeling in 3D. He uses Maya, ZBrush, and Arnold software. He made characters for cinema, video games, cinematic advertising, video game, and cartoons.

Miguelin Miranda has the pride of working in many studios, though he is working as a modeler now at 23 lunes Animation studio and is also a freelancer doing commissions. Miguel Miranda is an expert right from modeling and references to rendering and illumination. He takes to
Autodesk Maya and also Arnold Workflows that is behind his Disney’s Pocahontas, CG fanart rendition.

3D Model Guitarist by Miguelin Miranda
Image Credit: Miguelin Miranda

Miguelin Miranda began from a simple base that was modeled previously on Maya. He did it using ZBrush to sculpt the character. He wished always to make a fanart of Disney’s Pocahontas, while he wished to add his creative touches and to improve the render. This idea included making Disney’s Pocahontas such that the size of her eyes is enlarged, she is a bit thinner, with a thin neck, and plump lips so that she will gain more expressiveness. His first
sculpt was a neutral pose with symmetry.

3D Model Pochyntas by Miguelin Miranda
Image Credit: Miguelin Miranda

Miguelin Miranda says while starting with any character, it is important to have in the 3D program a real scale. He says if a person is using different objects in Maya, it is a must to group all, keeping the pivot in 0-position in scale and coordinates. Freeze transformation in the objects and group that is complete.

5 3d model girl by miguelin miranda e1618156117987
Image Credit: Miguelin Miranda

Miguelin Miranda is a creative person and keeps trying new ideas. He can create a new environment and modifies roughly any topology. He increases the influence of the range and defines sculpt. He wished to use beads and make a necklace trying something new in Maya. He used Mash, created a network, and used various properties, the attribute editor, and more. He
applied a deformer curve wrap offering more values.

3D Model Character Design Man by Miguelin Miranda
Image Credit: Miguelin Miranda

Miguelin Miranda used ZBrush base color paint for the textures and continued with Photoshop. He tries several tones of color for the texture and gave something close to her skin, besides adding some freckles. He darkened the diffuse eye color and ensured the character looks very similar to the original where the character’s eyes feature black irises. He used a standard surface shader for the skin and a hand-painted diffuse map. He also added on the shading node a displacement map to add more details.

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